Friday, 23 November 2012

Shrink Pots - Krympburkar

Had a busy day today making some shrink pots (Krympburkar) to put on my stand at a couple of Christmas shows im doing in the coming weeks.

All of the pots pictured are made from Hazel with Sycamore base plates, ive made a few different styles, bark on natural form pots and some pots where ive removed the bark and carved the pots into square and octagonal section, by offering different shapes and styles, im hoping they will appeal to a wider audience and with Christmas coming, people might be encouraged to purchase a couple to use as containers in their own right, or as containers to put something else into for presentation to their loved one on Christmas day.


  1. Nice looking shrink pots Kepis mate.
    Octagonal ones are my favourite but all are nice.

    1. Cheers Hugo, got a few with lids on them now as well :-)