Thursday, 15 November 2012

Sycamore Spoon

Finished this one earlier today, made from Sycamore and carved down so it has a really narrow but elegant neck, the strength in the neck of the spoon lays in the vertical axis rather than the lateral axis, meaning you can carve the neck incredibly thin when it's viewed in this plane, but when viewed from the side, it's considerably thicker and therefore stronger.

I also added some simple decoration to the handle in the form of some diagonal lines to take the blandness away from the handle as it was just an expanse of white wood.  Im going to keep hold of this one i think and use it for display purposes at some of the shows and other events i attend during the year.


  1. Very nice indeed. Love the chip carved handle - do you use your Carvin' Jack for this?

    1. Thanks Graeme, the handle was carved using my Mora Basic Carving Knife, it's a superb tool and has quickly become one of my favourite carving knives.