Friday, 9 November 2012

What To Do With A Knackered Knife?

So what do you do with an old bent and broken knife blade?, the blade i refer to is the Hultafors HVK blade from the knife i took to destruction in a series of 'tests' back in 2010, all i was left with after the tests (if you can call them that), was a bent blade that was no longer attached to it's handle, since then the knife has sat in a box of bits, on top of the wardrobe waiting for me to do something with it.

I had intended to rebuild the knife and carry on using it, but I never quite got around to doing it, this afternoon once i had finished work for the day, i thought, i know, i'll turn it into a small froe for splitting Hazel rods and other pieces of small diameter timber.

The big problem i had was - how?, time for a brain wave, i grabbed my gas burner, an old sledge hammer head and a small club hammer, the sledge became my make shift anvil and the gas burner a forge, the metal heated up to nice orange colour on the gas burner, although it did take a bit of time to get there and then with some hammering and forming around a steel pipe that acted as a former, i got an eye formed from the tang of the knife.

I then heated and hammered the main blade further so it remained straight and inline with the centre of the eye,  well it's as straight as it can be considering my limited tools and experience, sure it's not the best or prettiest tool in the work shop, but it's a tool ive made from scrap, for a specific purpose, im pretty pleased with the way it turned out.