Thursday, 8 November 2012

Willow Shrink Pot

Having made the Pot Croze today, it of course meant that i needed to make a Shrink pot to test it with, off to the wood pile i trotted and soon after came back with a suitably sized piece of Willow branch.

I first of all augured out a one inch hole all the way through the log and then grabbed the gouge and started to remove the insides, however, the wood was so fibrous and tough,  it was, well, too much like hard work, in this case it was far far less effort to use the Crook Knife to cut cross grain, than it was to use the gouge and go with the grain.

You will see that i left the bark on, this i have to admit was not by design, i got engrossed with my thoughts and, well, i took too much wood out of the inside and left myself with some very thin side walls, guess that will teach me to pay attention to what im doing, so i had little choice but to leave the bark on, personally, i think with a highly figured bark like this Willow, it doesn't look too bad?, having hollowed the inside out, i took the cylinder to the Pot Croze and cut the groove for the base to sit in, the Croze worked like a dream and in next to no time, the Sycamore base plate was installed and pot placed to one side to dry and per the name "shrink".

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