Friday, 16 November 2012

Wooden Rake

I was asked to make small traditional style rake not that long ago, so make one i did, the rake is only about twenty four inches in length and rather than go and collect materials, i used what i had available to me in the wood pile. The shaft is a piece of Hazel that i split using a rip saw, the rake head is another piece of Hazel that i reduced on the shave horse and the tines, well they are 8mm Beech dowels, yes i know they should be Ash, but this rake is not actually going to get used.  

The split in the shaft is secured in a traditional manner by using a piece of tin wrapped around the shaft and then held in place with a tack, because the piece of Hazel i used for the shaft is only about half an inch in diameter, i also added a couple of cross braces for additional strength, it all worked out pretty well in the end i think.

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