Friday, 14 December 2012

Hawthorn Gin

I figured with today being a wet and windy day, that my time would be best spent indoors catching up on some paperwork and more importantly, to begin bottling our Christmas cheer.

The first "tipple" i bottled was the Hawthorn Gin, now, when i first mentioned i would be making this, i had all manner of naysayers telling me not to bother as it was supposedly an awful drink, full of pectin, well, yes, Hawthorn berries would be full of pectin, that's why when you crush them the resulting mush, sets like a jelly.

Back to the drink, so yes, i was told not to bother, as well as above, it's cloudy and tastes like, well some of the descriptions were,  crap, poo, horrible, it's rank, nothing is more disgusting, don't waste good gin.

Well all i can say is, i don't know in all honesty how these people made theirs, but after filtering the liquor through a paper filter to remove the worst of the particles in the gin, the resulting drink is lovely, the liquid is clear and it tastes gorgeous and the colour of the Gin is a lovely rich cherry red, sure it needs more work to make than say Sloe or Blackberry gin, but i really do think the effort is worth it, and i will most certainly be making it again next year.

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