Sunday, 30 December 2012

Last One of 2012

The last spoon of the year, well i suppose it's more of a cross between a spoon and a small ladle in reality, still, it's the last spoon i shall carve in 2012.

The spoon is made from some Beech that i collected a few weeks back and at the moment is just rough carved, the cranked section between the handle and bowl was carved from a natural bend in the branch, although, it wasn't quite as acute as it is now thanks to some axe work that removed a fair amount of wood from the front and rear of the spoon, all of the rough shaping was done with my recently reconditioned axe that i wrote about on my blog.  

The spoon is now drying off, as the wood was so wet you could see the moisture pool in front of the knife blade as I cut through the timber, when it's dry, i shall get it finished off properly with a nice refined tooled finish, i might if the mood takes me, add some chip or other decorative carving to the spoon as well.

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