Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Little Axe - Pt 2

Last week i wrote a short entry about a small axe i picked up at my local second hand tool shop, yesterday i decided it was time to clean it up and give it a new helve, first job, out with the wire brush to remove as much of the rust and years of grime on the faces of the axe as i could.

Once this had  been done and the head had had a bit of a polish, i cut off the off helve and drilled out the remaining wood in the eye of the axe, despite the very tatty exterior appearance of the old helve, the wood itself was pretty sound considering it's age, but knowing it had been damaged, it needed replacing.

I grabbed the new helve i had bought for all of £2.00 at the same time and tried a couple of test fits and then carefully removed the wood where i could see it was jamming inside the eye of the axe, then another test fit, remove the wood, test fit, remove, test, little more removal, well, you get the idea.

It didn't take long to get a good fit on the helve, now to make sure the head lined up properly, and with a few minor alterations it was soon sitting pretty and with the head sitting with my favoured slight slew to the left, i like to set the axe head to the left a little, as i find it helps when im carving and lets face it, this axe is not going to be used for felling trees, just carving and splitting fire wood.

The last job i have to do is to get a decent edge on it, and looking at the state of the cutting edge, i think that may take me longer to do, than the rest of the refurbishment did, still it will keep me out of mischief.

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