Monday, 10 December 2012

Little Axe

I popped into my local second hand tool shop today and came away with a good haul of bargains, the best one was this small axe shown with a fifty pence piece for scale. 

The axe has no makers mark that i can see, but does have "Made In England" stamped into the face, the axe is going to need some doing up, the head will need a good clean up and it is most definitely going to need a new helve, just as well the tool shop had a job lot of brand new Ash helves on the shelf, all priced at £2.00 each, so i picked one of those up as well .

I first saw this little axe a couple of weeks back but didn't pick it up, but it's been playing on my mind, so today, with fingers and everything else crossed i went back, and there it was in the shop, exactly where i had left it, this time it was mine.

My thinking in getting this axe is, it's nice and small and will make a great pack axe for those times when you are working in the woods and need to split some fire wood down or are processing smaller pieces of timber and don't need a big axe or more to the point, don't want to carry a larger axe in with you.

I also think it will be less intimidating and less tiring for people to use when i teach spoon and bowl carving, after all, not everyone has the strength and stamina to use a Gransfors Swedish Carving axe all day long, and it will also prove, that you don't need to spend a fortune on an axe to get great results when using one to carve, oh yes, the price i paid for this little gem - just £5.00.

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