Thursday, 27 December 2012

Reading Material

Some of the gifts i received this Christmas were books, not the new fangled E books, which i hate, but proper books made of card and paper and filled with the printed word.

Two of the books i received were from the Tom Brown series of 'wilderness series'.  I asked for these books, as i really enjoy the way Tom Brown conveys the information in his writing and Tracking in particular is something, that i enjoy doing and whilst i have a good knowledge of the skill, i really want to up my game and take my tracking to the next level,  having read just half of the book entitled "The Science & Art of Tracking", I've already learnt an incredible amount, some of which, when you read it, is so obvious you wonder why you never thought of it.

Im itching to get back out there now so i can put in to practice what i have read with some dirt time.

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