Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Snowy Day Out

Well it was snowing when i set off from home this morning and it was still in the air when i parked the car up and headed of on a good long walk with Hugo & Rockmonkey from BCUK.

We put a few miles in today, around eight, i think i worked it out as, but in the bitterly cold north wind and with ice on the ground, going for a proper walk was the right decision to make, rather than sit around in the cold,  one of things i really enjoyed, well apart from the company and just being outdoors, was watching the gliders whizz along the ridge, slope soaring, lovely sight to witness, the aircraft in the picture is in fact about 700ft ASL and was going at a fair rate of knots as i took the photo. It was great just to be out there in the wind and cold, makes you feel alive.

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