Monday, 17 December 2012

Spalted Shrink Pot

Finished this Shrink Pot today, the main body is made from some glorious spalted Sycamore and the lid is from some equally splendid spalted Beech, the base im afraid is just bog standard Sweet Chestnut.

The pot stands approx seven inches high and has a diameter of four inches, when i first started this, i had intended to make a nice smooth white pot, but as i debarked the log, the spalting that lay beneath changed my mind, i mean, why destroy the mass of colouration?, make a feature of it instead, having kept the colours, the pot was crying out for a lid that was as equally appealing, so into the wood pile it was and a nice piece of spalted Beech was soon crafted into a lid, unusually for me these days, i elected to sand it all smooth, for some reason, it just seemed to be the right finish to apply to this particular pot.


  1. Hy Mark, how do you remove all the wastewood from such a big pot, using just a knife seems a bit daunting. I tryed to make one from a chunk of walnut, but soon gave up. Also tryed to use a gouge, but had no luck supporting the piece.
    thx Fred

    1. i take the middle out with a big auger, then tidy it up in a padded vice with a gouge and knife

  2. Nice work Mark, I like the natural shape.