Thursday, 17 January 2013

Cold Weather Alcohol Stove

I've been messing around today with one of my side burning alcohol stoves that i made last year, in particular ive been using one of the side burners that i made from an aluminium cider bottle and have been using it in conjunction with a 10cm Zebra billy, as this is the size of billy we use the most when we go on our weekly bimbles over the South Downs.

Now i knew the stove would boil a litre of water in the Zebra and i have no interest whatsoever in how long this takes, as im out there to enjoy my surroundings and as i have posted before i don't care if it takes three minutes or ten, but i did want to find out roughly how much fuel it took to do the job in the sub zero temps we had today and also with the stove itself uninsulated from the block i had it on, which when i started was frozen solid and icy, so basically, it was probably one of the worst possible climatic environments for an alcohol stove to operate in, sub zero temps on frozen ground, which would have initially acted as a huge heat sink.

So having had a play and getting a full on rolling boil, i now know where to fill the stove to and have marked this point on the interior of the stove and no, i have no idea how much fuel this level equates to at the moment as i didn't measure it, fuel is cheap enough and all i needed to know was where to fill the stove to in order to get a good boil, without having loads of fuel left over once a boil had been achieved,and well, playing with alcohol stoves is just great fun. I've also placed a short video of the stove in action on YouTube for anyone who might be interested in watching 20 seconds of flame.

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