Tuesday, 22 January 2013


Winter is finally here, well it is for me anyway, as yesterday saw the first big flock of Fieldfares arrive out in the back field, and the arrival of these migrants, means winter has finally arrived.

Many people seem to forget that in the UK we don't just get summer migrant birds, we also get a huge number of winter migrants too, and the Fieldfare has to be one of the finest of our cold weather visitors, unfortunately over the past few decades, the numbers of Fieldfares has declined dramatically and they are now a Red List species.


  1. I remember seeing lots when I was younger Mark.
    Hadn't realised they were now on the red list.

    1. We too used to see loads around, but the past few winters there has been a distinct lack of them around here.

  2. One or two do stop behind and breed, unusual but it happened in the 70's and i think the 80's, certainly in Derbyshire and i think in Scotland.

    Always nice to see whatever the season....

    Laurie -