Monday, 21 January 2013

Gone Tracking

Wing print
One of the things ive really enjoyed over the past few days is tracking the animals and birds in the snow. 

For a start, ive been able to track and note the route the Fox takes for future reference, so i can set up a camera trap, i had a fair idea of it's route along the back field, through the observations i had previously carried out, but now i have thee nights of foot prints in the snow, that confirm most of my previous observations and it has also thrown up some interesting route diversions that i wasn't  aware of before, that i can now investigate further and try to establish what Charlie is up to and map the full route he takes each night in the back field.

It's also been fascinating to track the birds, not just the bigger birds, but also some of the smaller ones, who, although they do leave tracks, they are not the easiest to see or follow, but, when the snow is soft and light, you get to record images such as the this one of a wing print or the tracks left by a Blackbird with parallel lines each side of the foot prints, where the tips of it's wings have dragged in the snow.

I think i have made enough notes & records over the past few days from just my immediate area, that studying the photo's and tracks is going to keep me occupied for some time to come, it certainly beats watching the absolute drivel that is pumped out to the masses on the TV.

The picture to the right shows two prints, one is from a Fox, can you tell what the other one is from?.

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