Monday, 14 January 2013

Low Stool - Upholstered

Worked some more on the foot stool/low stool ive been making today.

The stool has now been upholstered using some gloriously tactile jute webbing that looks absolutely superb one the stool, i personally think it looks better than the sisal rope seats i have woven in the past, the jute is certainly less labour intensive, but as per many things, each has it's place.

The webbing has a double weave effect, one being the large weave that is immediately evident, the other being the weave within the webbing itself, which, when caught under the right lighting condition, gives a secondary textural  effect.

In addition to being woven on both the upper & lower surfaces of the seat, it also features an insert of RX39 upholstery foam to pad the webbing out and make the seat feel better.

I still have to finish the stool off, ie trim the legs down slightly so it sits squarely on the ground and then tidy up the saw cuts so it both looks and feels nice and then i guess it's done.

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