Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Mini Alcohol Burner

I've been playing around with meths burners over the past couple of days, in particular trying to make a workable, small burner to go in my lightweight brew kit and my Crusader cooker unit.

The two burners/stoves pictured are both made from small 150ml fizzy drinks cans, the smaller one of the two i made to go in my Crusader cooker unit, as the distance between the base of the unit and the support for the cup is limited, so it demanded a small burner, up until now ive used the ever popular Monkey Boy burner as that fitted the bill perfectly, but we boys do have to play, don't we?, the small burner i made you would think would work perfectly, and that it does, it worked perfectly at spitting burning fuel everywhere, the reason being, as the burner gets hot, the fuel expands, and there is not enough room for it expand and it spits out of the jets, sure, i could add less fuel, but then you don't get a boil, so, in this instance, im going to stick to the Monkey Boy burner.

The other taller burner, well it's stove really as it also acts as the pot stand, i made to go with my lightweight brew kit and having had a couple of test burns with it this morning, it works perfectly, and by luck, rather than design the stove is of a diameter that fits perfectly in the indent on the bottom of the Ti cup i use in my lightweight kit, also as the burner also acts as a pot stand, i don't have to take a separate pot stand with me, making my kit even lighter, albeit, probably, by less than a gram.

I have found the stove is fairly fuel efficient, i only put in enough fuel to come up the sides by about a centimetre, i have no idea what this is in ml or fl oz's im afraid, but this small amount of fuel was enough to bring the 450ml of cold tap water to rolling boil and to keep it there for a few minutes, and when i removed the cup from the stove, it continued to burn for about another half minute or so i guess,  im going to make one addition to the stove though, in order to help it bloom, im going to add a wrap of fibreglass wick to the outside to act as a primer, and also to cover up the join between the top and bottom half, as many readers of my blog know, i don't time things as there are just too many variables to consider when outside, so it's done when it's done basically and as im out there to enjoy my surroundings, what's the rush?

Tomorrow i get to use it in anger in a damp, cold and probably windy woodland environment, I will let you know how it performs.

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