Saturday, 19 January 2013

Snow - I Love It

As many people are aware, the UK got a bit of a covering of snow yesterday, where i live we got a light covering of about two to three inches and by last night it had already started to thaw, well before it froze again with the sub zero overnight temperatures.

This morning, i thought id spend some time out back, seeing what had visited the garden over night, the only obvious tracks i could find, apart from mine, where a few from the local Fox, the Fox had obviously walked on the back wall while the snow was still wet as the track is frozen solid, even the side walls are hard, indicating the track was made before everything froze solid again.

I'm going to check out there again later and see what types of tracks the local bird and hopefully, animal population leave during the day, before they all get covered over with the next band of, apparently heavy snow fall, that is due to hit us tomorrow.

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