Monday, 14 January 2013

Strap Clamps

Following my post yesterday about the new build Hazel stool im making, ive had a couple of people get in touch with questions about the corner clamp i was using in the photo.  

The question i was asked more than any other was "How did you make them?", simple, as im a tight git, i refuse to pay, what i consider, silly money for a proper set of corner clamps, so i went on to Ebay and bought myself four Ratchet Straps of the type that are designed for securing cargo etc..

When i received them, all i did was remove the plastic coated metal hooks that were attached to the webbing and then cut off the loop that was attached to mechanism itself, i then got the long length of webbing that was supplied and secured that to one end of the Ratchet and sewed it in place, per the above photo, the other end of the webbing secures to the spindle and is tightened up in the normal fashion, now being one continuous loop, when you tighten up the strap with the ratchet, you apply equal force to all four corners in the same way that any other corner clamp/strap clamp would and keep everything nice and square.

The total cost to me to make four of these clamps was the almighty figure of £ 7.50, including delivery, ok i also invested a bit of time in making them, i could of course have bought some strap clamps of this exact design from somewhere like Axminster Tools, but they are around a fiver each, plus delivery, but,  it's much more fun to make your own tools.

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  1. I have made or repaired this type of strap by attaching a strap with a water knot instead of sewing it on. The water knot seems to work fine.