Sunday, 27 January 2013

Sunday Spoonage

It's been a little while since i carved a spoon, so i rectified that today and sat down for a few hours and carved some spoons, the three pictured took me about thee and half hours to do, as per normal the spoon blanks are rough shaped using the axe and then refined using a sheath knife initially and then one of my Ben Orford Sloyd and Pick knives.

The top and bottom spoons are from Willow and are  opposing sides of the same small log, the middle spoon is from a piece of Magnolia, all of the wood was carved green, the Willow being very green, to the point that you could see moisture pooling front of the blade as it went through the wood, when the spoons have dried off, I'll get them finished off properly and refine the shape and smooth out the rough spots with the small pick knife.

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