Monday, 28 January 2013

Willow Spoon

Making a few spoons yesterday has certainly renewed my enthusiasm to carve a few more,  that and the fact that i need to rebuild my stock of them for some shows i have coming up.

The spoon pictured is one of four i made earlier today, but only one of two that im going to keep, the other two are firewood, on one of the ones that are now discarded, i held the bowl just a little bit too tightly and split it as i finished carving the handle, my fault entirely, the other one knackered one, had a hidden inclusion that was, as you would expect right where you didn't want or need it, there was no sign of it on the exterior of the wood and the grain looked nice and even, but there it was waiting for me, no point in getting angry or frustrated by it, it's there and there is nothing you can do about it, so move on and make another one, it's all part of the joy of spoon carving.


  1. Would love to keep that calm after producing nice firewood. Time spend carving is building my enthusiasm, to find me broken after I discard a damaged spoon. ;) Have to work on that skill I guess.

    1. It's years of broken spoons that does it, you get used to after a while, at one of the meets i went to, i carved a spoon that i really didn't like, so i threw it on the fire, there was nothing wrong with it as such, i just wasn't happy with it, so i started again, the look on some peoples faces when i threw it on was priceless though.