Friday, 1 February 2013

Card Wallets

When im out and about, i often get asked when im speaking to the general public about what im doing,  if i have a business card or the like on me so they can check out my website and blog when they get home, now whilst i have cards, i usually carry them in my wallet, which, if im on a bimble or working in the undergrowth, i leave at home.

The solution to the problem was simple, make a couple of leather card cases, these will fit in my pocket or bag no problem and are not as bulky as a wallet, nor indeed as expensive to have fall out of your pocket in the wilds.  Both cases are made from leather splits, the grey is pig leather and the brown is bovine and they literally took me minutes to make, a simple solution to a simple problem, just as it should be.


  1. I usually keep mine in a plastic zipper bag to protect them from moisture. They might occasionally get wet from rain, but mostly from sweat.

    1. aye, tried that, my cards kept getting squashed, no matter where i kept them in the pack/bag, so i figured this might help protect them a bit

    2. I think that the card wallets are nice. I usually keep my cards in a notebook to keep them from getting crushed.It's not a bad idea to keep your wallet in a zipper bag.