Sunday, 3 February 2013

Cartridge Case

On a recent bimble with Hugo & Rockmonkey, we stopped at a Redwood plantation for a brew, while we were kicking around the area, i spotted something on the ground that caught my attention as it looked out of place, and what i found was this old cartridge, nothing unusual in that as there are spent cases like this all over the countryside.

What intrigued me was the firing cap, as this cartridge is not spent, the firing cap is untouched, but by the state of the thing you could see it had been there knocking around the woods for many years.

Upon further inspection of the round you can see that it's dated 1924, just six years after the end of The Great War, id love to know the circumstances behind this round being where it was in the middle of nowhere in the Sussex countryside, of course, any scenario we think up is going to be pure speculation as the round was lost over 80 years a go and anybody who knew what was occurring in that area, at that time, are sadly lost and we will never know, but it doesn't hurt to let your mind wander and speculate as to what was going on out there back in the mid to late 1920's.


  1. Nice find, maybe the 'Plantation' was used for practice firing or training at some stage, further research is required....

    Laurie -

    1. The whole area was inundated with Canadian Armed Forces during WW2, so it's more than probable they were out and about in the area where this was found