Friday, 22 February 2013

Favourite Set Up - (At The Moment)

One of my favourite tool set ups at the moment is that pictured.

There is nothing flash or expensive about the gear either, the axe is the one i recently bought back to life from a rusty lump of metal to a good usable tool at a total cost of £7.00, the knife is my A Wright Bushcrafter, an often bemoaned tool, mainly due to the awful factory ground bevel the knife is supplied with, but as ive mentioned on my blog before, if you go to the trouble to get it sorted out by one of the many talented knife makers out there, it turns the knife into a superb tool.

I suppose in a couple of weeks time if i were to look at the kit i was using, it would probably be different again, i'll look in the drawer and see a another knife ive not used in a while and the components of my kit will change around again - we can be a fickle lot us Countrymen you know.

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