Monday, 25 February 2013

Gift For A Neighbour

About ten days ago, we did some tree work for one of my neighbours, the job we undertook was to Pollard a big old Willow Tree and i said to my neighbour at the time, that i would carve her a couple of spoons from some of the timber we took out, and being a man of my word, i made this pair of spoons for her, the small one is an eating spoon, whilst the larger one is a cooking spoon.

I roughed these out last week from opposing sides of the same piece of wood and decided pretty early on to make them in different styles, although you can see it in the photo, both spoons have a cranked handle.

I got them finished off this morning, having let them dry out nice and slowly, the large one is sanded (yuk) and the smaller one has a tooled finish, i was going to tool both of them, but decided at the last moment to sand one as that way, im guaranteed to get at least one of them right.

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