Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Long Handled Spoon Knife

I made this spoon knife a few months back from a Mora 163 Double Edge spoon knife, as i wanted/needed a spoon knife where i could apply more force and therefore torque to the cuts i was making when carving bowls and spoons.

So, having made and now used this knife for a number of months, how has it performed?, well, it's performed pretty well in all honesty, i did have to do some further re-profiling of the bevels and there are still some changes to be made, especially to the area between cutting edge and the handle as im finding with prolonged use, especially when carving spoons, where i tend to choke up on the blade, it does get a bit sore on the index finger of my right hand, but thats a minor point.

Overall the tool has performed admirably and due to the increased leverage the long handle affords, i am able to remove a lot of material very quickly from bowls and spoons and at the same time achieve a higher quality finish, as im not making as many passes to remove the material and the cutting strokes are significantly longer than you are able to achieve with a smaller tool.

Am i glad i made it?, yes i am, to the point im thinking about buying a couple more 163's and making some more long handled spoon knives and in particular, a left handed one, not because im left handed, but sometimes a left handed spoon knife is just easier to use in some situations.

More on the original build of this tool can be found here.

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