Saturday, 9 February 2013

Saturday Serving Spoon

Finished off one of the larger spoons i made a start on the other day today, it's made from Willow and features my now much favoured tooled finish. The photo shows the nearly completed spoon with a two pence piece for scale along side it, ive added a knop to the end of the handle and am toying with trying some kolrossing or chip carving on the handle, but im undecided, part of me says "do it" the other part says "let the natural beauty of the wood do the talking", think i'll sleep on it and make a decision tomorrow.


  1. A lovely spoon Mark - I particularly like the angled chamfer on the handle and the geometric pommel. Very nice - decorative and practical, by the looks. I understand your dilemma - when I've made a spoon that I like, it's always a risk that I'll then cock it up with extra decoration. I wrecked a nice little eating spoon a couple of weeks ago when I painted it and it didn't quite work out the way I'd hoped. Any way, keep up the good work. I enjoy your posts. Richard

  2. Cheers Richard, i think im more inclined to leave this one be for the time being and let time and tide enhance the spoon, ie a use induced patina, i have a couple of spoons down in the work shop that are just about to become firewood as they had hidden inclusions in them, so before they go to make hot water, I'll use them as practice pieces for some chip carving/kolrossing