Tuesday, 19 March 2013

An Old Friend

I was having a bit of a sort out of the knife drawer earlier today and 'rediscovered' my old JLT Mk1 Woodsman, i got this from Adam when he first started making knives and loved the knife and iu used it heavily for quite a while, but it always had one drawback, the handle although comfortable, was oversized and a bit square & chunky.

So today i attacked it with the sandpaper and reduced the bulk in the handle and rounded it it off to get rid of the squareness, it didn't need much taking away in the end to make it a bit slimmer and more comfortable, but the reduction in the width of the handle has certainly made it a tad more comfortable to use, i might still take a bit more off the rear of the handle by the lanyard tube as it still retains a bit of bulk in that area - time & use will tell.

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