Friday, 15 March 2013

Hazel & Aspen Spoons

Finished these two spoons off today, the top one is from Hazel, the lower from Aspen, both feature a sanded finish, not because i like sanding, but because i need to have a selection of tooled and sanded spoons available, to hopefully appeal to the differing tastes of people at shows and events where im trying to sell these.

The top spoon as mentioned on my Spoon Blog is one of those spoons, that no matter what i did, it just didn't go right, the side elevation is fine, the top view of the bowl though is awful, it's too long and narrow.

I could of course reduce the length of the bowl, but sometimes when you do this, you then need to adjust the width and then you can find yourself in one of those see-saw scenario's, where you remove one bit, then remove another piece to compensate and before you know it, there is nothing left. Just goes to show, that even the alleged good spoon carvers out there, also get it wrong and not every spoon they carve comes out perfect, truth be known the bowl on the Aspen spoon is also too long as well.

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  1. Hi Mark,
    Some lovely spoons you made. The grain on the lower one is very nice. It can be hard to sell wooden spoons isn't it? It always seems so unfair to me that Ikea stocks them for 2 quid per spoon. Good luck on your further carving.