Friday, 29 March 2013

Small Garden / Border Rake

Started to turn all the rake heads, i made the other day into fully fledged garden rakes earlier today.

I'm making a couple of different styles, there is the one pictured,  where the head is secured to the handle via a round mortice & tenon joint, which is surprisingly strong and im also making some with the  "V" method of attaching the head too, by making a couple of different styles, ive found they appeal to a wider audience.

Everything you see on the rake has been hand made by myself, with the exception of one small nail,  the rake handles i use are made from Ash or Hazel poles, that ive reduced in diameter and shaped using a rake makers plane or stail engine to use it's proper name, the tines i make from a section of Ash with a froe and tine cutter and the heads are all cleft Ash, that i shape on the shave horse with a draw knife and for completeness, all of the holes are cut with a brace and centre bit/auger.

Now all i need to do is sell a few.

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