Saturday, 9 March 2013

Sycamore Kuksa / Kasa

Got a good way through finishing off the Sycamore Kuksa i started last Sunday, i decided, foolishly i think, to sand the kuksa down and i have to say, i really don't like it, i think tomorrow i will spend some time with the gouges putting a tooled finish on the cup as the smooth sanded finish just isn't sitting well with me at the moment, i don't know why, but there is just something about it that's not quite right, apart from that it's coming on well and it's not far off being finished.


  1. Hi Mark, I think it's a lovely kuksa and looks really nice, but I agree that in this instance a tooled finish would probably look better. As it it, while it is beautifully finished, it looks almost too perfect, as if it could have been factory mass-produced - ultimately all credit to your carving skills- but the finish doesn't adequately represent or show the hours of work and carving you have put int it - or at least that's my opinion (for what it's worth). Either way, I'd be dead proud to have made it.

    1. Cheers Richard, i think you are spot on with your observation, it's looks almost too perfect, im hoping to get down the workshop tomorrow and attack it with the gouges, will post up the "post operative" results as soon as