Friday, 1 March 2013

Wetterlings Axe - Part 2

I made the time today to do up the Wetterlings axe i got on Wednesday and what a transformation it was.

To start off with i coated the entire axe with paint stripper and let that do it's job, then once all the paint and varnish ahd been removed i set to with various grades of wet and dry paper and got the last of the muck off of the axe head, then i turned my attention to the helve and got that cleaned up and sanded down.

Once that had been done i gave the woods a really good coat of linseed oil and I'll continue to feed it oil each day over the next week or so, to ensure it has a really good application, i think an old adage when it comes to oiling tool handles applies to this particular helve as it's not been looked after during it life, the adage i refer to is;

Once a day for a week, once a week for a month, then once a month for year - seems to work.

I used the axe this afternoon to knock up a very quick and rough spoon blank from a piece of Aspen and the axe worked really well, very comfortable to hold and with a nice balance to it, which means less fatigue when using it.

Over all im very happy with my new toy and im looking  forward to many years of use.


  1. Do you ever use cabinetmaker's scrapers to remove the finish from wood handles?

    1. I've used bits of broken glass before Bill, but not my cabinet scraper, normally though, the axe / tool is in such a poor condition when i get it that i just make a new helve or handle to suit

    2. The axe turned out great, amazing the difference you have made. Nice one.

    3. Thanks Tim, not done yet, going to hit it with some polishing compound sometime over the weekend