Friday, 19 April 2013

Dont Get In A Strop

Just a few of the strops ive made in over the past couple of days.

The strops have a piece of 1mm leather glued to one side, whilst the other side has a piece of 800 grit Silicon Carbide paper attached to it, the wood is simply a piece of MDF, approx three inches wide and one inch thick, the total cost for the five strops pictured is less than a tenner, the MDF was all of £ 2.00, the paper was a couple of quid and the leather, well, that came out of the scraps bin.

Then it was about spending a bit of time to cut out the handle on the boards and get it all glued up, the leather and paper are glued to the boards using good old fashioned Copydex, as when the leather or paper is past it's best, i can simply peel it off and reattach a replacement piece.


  1. Being from across the pond, I'm not familiar with Copydex. I don't know that we can get it here. I've made strops with MDF, but I haven't been really happy with the adhesive, which has been rubber cement. I might try feathering disk adhesive, which is another rubber cement that is used to attach sanding disks to a rubber backing pad. It's a low strength adhesive to allow the disks to be peeled off. Do you have any advice for the leather? I assume that the leather that you used is from scraps. Which side do you use for the strop? I generally use green chrome polishing compound on my strops and I think that it leaves a really nice finish on the metal.

    Thanks for this post.

    1. Copydex is a latex based adhesive Bill, basically a rubber cement, i have used Spray Mount in the past, but no longer use it on cost grounds, it's good stuff, but at over $10.00 a can, it's a bit expensive these days and you dont get much for your money, whereas the Copydex is the same price for a small bottle, but it lasts ten times as long and can be used for other applications as well.

      The leather, i put mine on fluffy side up and use Flexcut Gold as the compound, works really well.

    2. Some of the feathering disk adhesive sold here may be similar to Copydex. I don't have any on hand at the moment. I've used Spray Mount, but haven't been entirely happy with it. I'll keep an eye out for a latex adhesive.