Saturday, 13 April 2013

Favoured Axes

I was asked a little while ago about the axes i use the most out of my collection, the answer is simple, my Gransfors.

Out of those, i use the Carving Axe and one of my Wildlife Hatchets the most, why?, well, because i like them, each has it's own strengths and indeed weaknesses, the carving axe, due it's blade shape is great for slicing cuts, but, also because of the curved edge, it's not suitable for some cuts, this is where the Wildlife comes in, the squared off shape head, just makes it better at some cuts than the Carving axe.

Now, despite using the GBA's the most, i also have a number of other axes and some of these also get a great deal of use.

Wetterlings Axe & the Little Axe
A recent favourite combination of axes that i use is the Wetterlings Axe & the Little Axe i did up a short while ago, whilst the blade shapes are different, the weight, thinnish bit and short helve of the Wetterlings, i have found makes it a good carving axe, whilst the smaller axe is good for the finer work, although the bigger axe is of course also capable of the finer work in the right hands.
There you have it, yes, im lucky enough to own quite a few GB Axes and i use them, but i also have a number of other brands and indeed some unbranded axes that i also use a lot, it all depends where i am and what im doing,as to which axes get used on any one particular day.

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