Saturday, 6 April 2013

First Ember

Bit of a momentous occasion here today, when we got back from  the show we did earlier and had put everything away, we went out in the garden and started messing around with the bow drill, i got an ember, eldest got an ember, but youngest had never got one.

So, not to be deterred and with the right mind set in place, he went bow drilling, first attempt at it he was seconds away from getting that elusive first ember, second attempt of the afternoon - bingo, there it was, a great big pile of smouldering dust, he had done it, only problem was, none of us had a camera to record the event, so only one thing for it - do it again.

This time i had my camera to hand and recorded the event, he assumed the position, started bowing and in next to no time, he had his second ember of the afternoon, and importantly had proved to himself that he could do it, so nice one Ol, proud of you, as i said at the time, you have just entered an exclusive club of people who can make fire by friction.

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