Thursday, 4 April 2013

Hultafors Axe - First Impressions

It's been a few weeks now since i got my Hultafors axe and i thought i would jot down a few initial  thoughts on it, this post is in no way a review, as many people will know, i feel you cant review a product until you have used it for a good period of time and therefore have a good working knowledge of the product.

So, my initial impressions, well, im impressed, i used the axe on Monday of this week to buck a small Oak log of around an 14 inches or so in diameter and i had thought that the really thin bit on this axe would get stuck, it doesn't, it throws chips superbly well too, even after working the Oak, the cutting edge remained sharp, Im just itching to get out and use it again on some small scale felling i have to do later in the year and give it a proper work out.

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