Friday, 19 April 2013

Small Magnolia Spoon

Small spoon made earlier today from the final quarter of the Magnolia log ive been using this past week or so.

This is another spoon where ive experimented a bit, instead of a clean flowing handle shape when viewed from above, i elected on this one to go for quite a narrow stem, and then flare the top of the handle into quite an ornate shape, i might still add some simple chip carving to the vast expanse of bare wood that's at the top end of the handle, there again, i might leave it be and let the marvellous colours in the wood do the talking.

This spoon also has quite a nice shape when viewed from the side, not bad considering it came from a straight piece of wood, even though this doesn't follow the grain in the wood, it still remains strong as despite the stem of the spoon being less than a quarter of an inch thick, the end grain, because it is at an angle, is anything up to three quarters of an inch in length, thereby giving strength to the spoon, a close look at the side elevation will show what i mean.

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