Monday, 8 April 2013

Sycamore Spoon

I wanted to spend a bit of time today experimenting with a few ideas, nothing too dramatic, i just wanted to spend time examining the process i use to carve a spoon, so rather than go at it like i normally would, i took my time and tried a few ideas out, the result of this tinkering is the Sycamore spoon pictured.

It turned out pretty well, although the crank in the handle is not as pronounced as i would have liked it, due to a misplaced axe cut, which unfortunately necessitated the removal of material i really needed to keep, shit happens i guess?, so rather than get all upset about it, i modified the design to compensate for my error and carried on.

The handle is still way too think in the vertical plane and i don't like the shape of the underside of the bowl, but this is what experimenting is all about, having tried something different, i now know what i set out to find out and from these findings, i can move on, modify my technique and design and try again.

What i do like about the spoon though is the overall shape of it, short handle and an oversized bowl, for some reason, it just looks right.

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