Friday, 10 May 2013

Lily Cutting.

Spent a good day up at the lakes today, the main reason for being there was to conduct a survey in one of the ponds as part of a scientific research paper that has been commissioned by the Environment Agency and for which they are using our lakes as part of the study. 

Once the guys conducting the research were set up and away doing their thing, i grabbed my lily cutter (Scythe blade mounted to an extending pole saw handle) and cut back most of the Yellow Water Lily's in one of the ponds, we have to do this each year as the lily's are invasive and if left unchecked, they would soon cover the majority of the waters surface, we don't remove all of them though, as we need to maintain some cover for the fish and other pond life, but we take, probably 95% of them.

It's a shame that we have to do it, as the lily is quite a pretty plant and has a lovely yellow bloom, but needs must and this is a necessary function of the management scheme we have in place.  Once the leaves have been cut and removed, we pile them on the bank, but importantly, close to the water, so any invertebrates that have been caught in the work can find their way back to the water and help maintain a healthy eco system.

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