Saturday, 29 June 2013

Naturally Defined Spoon Blank

Sometimes you just get lucky when splitting logs to make spoon blanks, just as was the case with this piece of Willow i split this afternoon.

It's not often you get such a defined line to split & carve to, although the line seems to be well defined, there is some horrible twisted grain in this piece of wood, still, i do enjoy a challenge.

School Fete

We were invited to attend a local school fete last evening, we took a number of products with us including the ubiquitous spoons and spatulas, shrink pots etc, we also took along Fan birds, wooden flowers, cup cake pots as i call them and a few other odds and sods.

The afternoon evening fete was great fun, with the kids and indeed their parents showing a massive amount of interest in what we do and how these these products are made using just hand tools, and just for fun, i spent over two hours making small wooden flowers to give away to the kids and parents.

Saturday, 22 June 2013

Little Adze

New tool that i received this week and totally unexpected as i didn't order it, the story unfolds thus.

I was at a small show a few weeks ago and on the stand next to me was a Blacksmith, as the day went on we chatted, as you do, and we got round to talking about the tools i use and i made a throw away comment about how useful a really small adze would be for spoons, ladles and cups and i thought nothing more of it, then this week i get a call saying come and get this tool, but i didnt know what the tools was. When i opened the packet i was gobsmacked, a hand forged adze and totally unexpected, the cutting edge is just over an inch in width and even though the adze is small, it has a good weight to it, since the above photo was taken ive added a handle to it and ive had a little play and first impressions are good, although the bevel is a bit steep, so im going to take that back a tad, but, i just know this little adze is going to make a perfect companion to my Hans Karlsson.

Friday, 21 June 2013

Lack of posts

To answer a few mails ive received recently about the slow down in posts on my blog and people wondering where i am/what's going on?, well im still around, but im just very very busy with work, ive a whole host of shows and events to attend this summer and the prep for these is taking up masses of time, which isn't leaving me much time to actually write about things.

There has been a lot going on, ive new tools to try and a whole host of other things, but at the moment, im time limited, rest assured when things slow down a little, there will be a few more posts made.

Monday, 17 June 2013

Fan Birds

Finished off the batch of fan birds that i started last week, all now have bronzed pins attached and a short length of fishing line for suspension.

The one pictured is one of my favourites and im loathe to let it go if the truth be known, but there again, you cant keep everything and i can always make another if i want to.

Now i just have to get the next batch of sixteen birds made in time for the next show in a week or so's time.

Saturday, 15 June 2013

Ash Serving Spoon

Roughed this one out yesterday whilst i was up in the woods, got it finished today, not turned out too bad, only issue is the knot in the handle, ok i could have stopped and made another blank when i first saw it, but why waste wood?.

Ive left the area around the knot a little thicker than i normally would, purely to add a bit more strength to that area of the spoon, it's not one of my best, but it's turned out ok in the end.

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Aspen Spoon

One of many spoons ive made in the past two days, this spoon is made from a quarter log of Aspen and although you cant see it in the photo has a really steep crank in the handle.

All of the roughing out was done with the axe and then it was finished off with the knives, the spoon has a tooled rather than sanded finish and some simple cut outs in the handle, for that decorative touch.

Monday, 10 June 2013

Making Stock

Just a few of the spoons made to day to replace what i have sold at a couple of shows recently

On top of these i have another other half dozen blanks to finish and about a dozen more to make from scratch to get me back to where i want to be stock wise,  all of the spoons pictured are carved from Sycamore and have a tooled finish.

Friday, 7 June 2013

Stock Replenishment

Following a successful weekend at the Floral Fringe last weekend, ive spent most of my week making stuff to replenish the stock that i sold at the fair, so i have enough stock to take to the show this weekend and indeed at the shows im doing later in the summer, although, making sure i have enough for the immediate future is the priority at the moment.

So far ive replenished spatulas, lucet forks and fan birds, i still have about a dozen spoons to finish off, but, i can do some of these at the shows themselves, as i can sit/stand there whittling away as part of the demo's i do.

Monday, 3 June 2013

The Floral Fringe

I have just returned from a superb weekend away at the Floral Fringe Fair at Knepp Castle in West Sussex, the weather was glorious and the venue just superb.

I took a selection of the products i make with me, from spoons & spatulas to furniture and garden tools such as my  wooden rakes, and came home with considerably less items than I took.

During the weekend I also performed a number of spoon carving demonstrations and these appeared to be well received by the public, with comments like "i never knew there was so much involved to making a spoon" to "have you still got all your fingers".

Roll on next year.