Saturday, 22 June 2013

Little Adze

New tool that i received this week and totally unexpected as i didn't order it, the story unfolds thus.

I was at a small show a few weeks ago and on the stand next to me was a Blacksmith, as the day went on we chatted, as you do, and we got round to talking about the tools i use and i made a throw away comment about how useful a really small adze would be for spoons, ladles and cups and i thought nothing more of it, then this week i get a call saying come and get this tool, but i didnt know what the tools was. When i opened the packet i was gobsmacked, a hand forged adze and totally unexpected, the cutting edge is just over an inch in width and even though the adze is small, it has a good weight to it, since the above photo was taken ive added a handle to it and ive had a little play and first impressions are good, although the bevel is a bit steep, so im going to take that back a tad, but, i just know this little adze is going to make a perfect companion to my Hans Karlsson.

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