Thursday, 22 August 2013

Sycamore Spoon

Sycamore spoon carved on commission, the brief was to carve a spoon in the style of the Medieval spoons i do, but to make it slightly larger, with a deeper bowl for use in a small cauldron.

The spoon is seven and three quarter inches long (about 19cm) and has an octagonal section to the handle, which is incredibly tactile, the bowl is just under three quarters of an inch deep.

The brief also called for a tooled finish, so that's exactly what it has, the bowl section both inside and out still retains the tooling marks from it's manufacture and the handle section has been finished off using a cabinet scraper, finally a small depression was carved at the top of the handle for aesthetic appeal and to rest against the brim of the cauldron to stop the spoon slipping in when in use.

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